Invest In Trucking Safety Compliance By Hiring An Experienced Attorney

It is commonly said that the best offense is a good defense. In other words, it is not enough to respond to truck accidents after they happen. You should be working with a lawyer to both reduce the risk of truck accidents and limit company liability if an accident does occur.

I am Charles C. Gentile, an experienced attorney and a truck driver. When you hire me as a consultant, I can help you increase compliance with safety laws, reduce the risk of driver accidents and limit the company's exposure to liability.

How My Firm Can Help Your Trucking Business Thrive

I'm available to consult and advise on any safety compliance issue, including those related to:

Safety regulations:

  • Understanding hours-of-service rules
  • Electronic logs and logging regulations
  • Use of on-board cameras
  • Familiarity with the new series of "Compliance, Safety, Accountability" (CSA) regulations and how they impact companies and drivers

Hiring, training and monitoring employees:

  • Background checks for new drivers
  • Driver drug screening and random follow-up screenings
  • Driver physical fitness (obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, prescription medications). This can be a problem with experienced drivers who develop these conditions and continue to drive)
  • Are drivers being properly trained?

Equipment, maintenance and inspections:

  • Failure to maintain equipment and maintenance records (and schedules).
  • How old is your equipment?
  • Do you perform in-house maintenance or do you outsource the work to vendors?
  • Are drivers doing proper pre-trip and post-trip inspections? Are they adequately trained to do these inspections?

Public Communication And Liability

During my years as a professional truck driver, one of the biggest liabilities I noticed was something that most companies think little about: the newsletter. They often discuss issues that could expose the company to significant liability: Fatigued driving, hours-of-service violations, disqualifying health problems, safety violations, distracted driving, etc.

These publications are meant to be read only by company employees, but they are left sitting around at truck stops and in restaurants across the country. What goes into your company newsletter, and are you comfortable with this information becoming public knowledge?

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