Building A Truck Accident Case: Additional Defendants And Expert Witnesses

Few people outside the legal profession appreciate just how much work is involved in preparing a lawsuit for trial, especially one as complex as a truck accident claim. The discovery process is extensive and time-consuming and may require the work of an entire team — or at least the help of a highly qualified consultant.

This is where I come in. If you are a solo lawyer or work for a small firm, you may not have the resources to investigate cases on your own or to hire an entire team. But when you collaborate with me, you'll be working with both a seasoned attorney and an experienced truck driver with years of industry knowledge.

Shared Liability: Finding Additional Defendants

Due diligence requires investigation of all causes of and contributing factors to the accident. By finding and naming additional defendants, I also expand the potential financial recovery for clients.

There may be many sources of negligence, including:

  • Trucking companies
  • Repair shops and outside vendors responsible for repairing and maintaining the trucks
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Anyone responsible for inadequate road design or maintenance

Finding additional defendants can also be risky, so it must be done carefully. On one hand, you want to maximize recovery for your clients. On the other hand, you don't want to give named defendants an opportunity to pass the buck and alleviate their own liability by blaming other named parties. In addition to finding other defendants, I will strategize with you to minimize the aforementioned risks.

Finding, Vetting And Collaborating With Expert Witnesses

Jurors understand driving and auto accidents in the context of their own vehicles, but truck accidents can be significantly more complex. Therefore, a key to success is helping juries understand that trucks are very different from cars (in handling, response, driver responsibility, etc.) and demonstrating why a truck driver or trucking company was at fault for an accident. Expert witnesses help bridge the gap between what juries already know and what they need to know.

Unfortunately, bringing in outside witnesses to bolster your case is an involved discipline in its own right. First, you need to be able to properly question an expert witness and know what questions to ask. What is his/her background? How does it relate to your case? Does the witness have proper visual aids to support his/her expertise and convince a jury? Can he/she communicate well with the jury?

There are also many different kinds of experts to choose from. I have cultivated working relationships with many such professionals, including:

  • Mechanical and automotive experts
  • Medical experts
  • Traffic safety experts
  • Metallurgists (related to metal fatigue, cracked welds, etc.)
  • Other truck drivers
  • Truck brake specialists (knowledgeable about both friction brakes and engine brakes)

No matter which jurisdiction your case is in, I can help you find the expert witnesses you need to give your client the best chance of a favorable ruling. And I may not need to start my search from scratch. I keep an ever-expanding list of expert witnesses who are good and available to testify or give depositions.

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