Consulting With Plaintiffs' Attorneys

After a serious or fatal accident caused by negligence, victims and their families deserve justice and compensation. Therefore, the job of a personal injury attorney is a critically important one. And in a high-stakes case like those involving truck accidents, preparing the case for trial often requires bringing in additional resources to ensure that the work is done thoroughly and accurately.

The lead counsel should be the coach, delegating to assistant coaches (other attorneys and paralegals) to comb through records, conduct research and look for other potential defendants. The process also needs to be carefully documented to show that you have done due diligence to find all other potentially liable parties.

How I Can Help You And Your Clients

If you are a solo lawyer or part of a small firm, you don't need to turn down truck accident cases. Instead, contact a consultant with skills and experience ideally suited to your needs.

I am attorney Charles C. Gentile. In addition to my decades of legal practice, I have also logged more than 750,000 miles as a long-haul truck driver. I spent years observing the trucking industry as a member of it, and I now put that knowledge to use advising and consulting with plaintiffs' attorneys in truck accident lawsuits.

I'm ready to assist you with nearly any aspect of the litigation, including:

My practice, Charles C. Gentile Attorney at Law, is based in Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania, but I am able to serve clients throughout the United States. No matter what jurisdiction you are in, I am here to help you give your clients the strongest case and the highest chance for financial recovery.

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