Partnering With Defense Attorneys In Truck Accident Cases

As an experienced attorney and truck driver, I am ideally suited to consult with truck accident defense lawyers. I have first-hand knowledge of the trucking industry and legal profession, and I serve as a liaison between the two.

Conducting An Independent Investigation Is Critical

One of the biggest potential weaknesses in defending against a truck accident claim is failing to independently verify what your client has told you. Too often, trucking companies simply believe the driver's account of the accident rather than personally investigating. And defense lawyers frequently take the truck driver's version of events at face value or defer to what the trucking company has said. It's not a matter of lying vs. telling the truth. Rather, it is understanding that individual perspectives may not be accurate and do not tell the whole story.

You cannot afford to take anything for granted when investigating a case — even evidence such as e-logs, which seem ironclad. If you know what to look for and which questions to ask, there are ways to verify or refute e-log records in order to determine what the driver actually did.

Preventing Spoliation Of Evidence

Another key to defending a truck accident lawsuit is preservation of evidence and preventing spoliation. Plaintiffs' attorneys will want to conduct their own inspections of the vehicles involved in the crash, and it is critical to let this process play out — giving plenty of notice about when and where plaintiffs can inspect the vehicle.

Unfortunately, preserving evidence often means delaying repairs on a truck and keeping it out of service, which is costly to the company. But maintaining the integrity of evidence may actually save money in the long run if it helps you successfully defend against an accident lawsuit.

I Will Be Your Consultant And Assistant During The Discovery Process

As both an experienced truck driver and an attorney, I can be an invaluable resource during the time-consuming discovery process. Some of my standard protocols include:

  • Interviewing truck drivers
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Conducting on-site inspections of vehicle damage as quickly as possible after the accident
  • Investigating the possibility of comparative negligence
  • Verifying e-log records
  • Assessing the overall safety culture of the trucking company
  • Determining whether drivers have been complying with requirements for pre-trip inspections and post-trip inspections of vehicles (many drivers fail to comply because of the time burdens involved)

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