Let Me Help You Bridge The Gaps

The accident, injury and death rates associated with commercial trucking are a significant concern of everyone who travels U.S. roads. Whether you are a trucking industry professional, a legal professional or have been impacted by a serious truck accident, you have a stake in solving the problem and righting injustices.

This is where I come in. My name is Charles C. Gentile, and I can help you bridge the gaps that are hindering your progress in truck accident litigation and safety compliance.

Working With Other Lawyers, Accident Victims And Trucking Companies

There is perhaps no better teacher than first-hand experience. My decades of experience as a lawyer combined with nearly seven years of full-time work as a truck driver have given me a unique perspective that is beneficial to parties on either side of truck accident litigation or compliance matters.

I now serve as a consultant for attorneys and trucking firms. Whether you are a plaintiffs' attorney, defense attorney, owner of a trucking company, commercial driver or accident victim, I am ready to simplify complex legal issues and use my knowledge to advance your interests in and out of the courtroom.